Bishop's Corner

Fellow Christians in the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi and across the world,

It is with the greatest gratitude to God the Almighty that I address you on this Bishop’s Corner on our own diocesan website. As a Diocese we have for long dreamt of having a website to complement the various means that we have for communicating to all our stakeholders. But finally in God’s time, here we are!

I will be using the Bishop’s corner to periodically empty my chest on the various critical issues arising within our diocese. Although these addresses shall mostly be proactive where we anticipate issues and address them in advance, we cannot rule out circumstances where we will have to address some issues reactively. Therefore, I implore you to check the Bishop’s corner frequently in order to follow what is going on within the mind of your Bishop.

This being the inaugural address on the website, I wished to limit myself to salutation remarks. However, there are two important issues that I wish to highlight from the onset. Firstly, I wish to request all of you to join me in congratulating the Young Couples/Young Professionals in our Diocese for developing this website. As some of you may be aware, Young Couples/Young Professionals is a ministry that was born from a meeting I initiated in 2016 with this category of Christians. Whilst by then the Young Couples ministry had already been established and was already entrenched at the St Thomas Anglican Church, young professionals in the Diocese did not have a framework for contributing to church development.

During that meeting I challenged these Christians to contribute more towards church development both in terms of ideas and resources. Our heated and open discussion resulted in the formation of the Young Couples/Young Professionals, a ministry that is intended at utilizing the skills, energies and resources of our quasi-youthful Christians to reform the way we handle business in the Diocese. Even as this ministry establishes itself, it has already set goals to be achieved in the short, medium, and long term and the website is one of the short term goals that has been achieved! Let me therefore, encourage and support this group to get established and assist the operations of the Diocese. I also wish to exhort the rest of the Christians in the Diocese to support them by providing them with all the creative ideas, among others!

Secondly, let me take this opportunity to continue reminding all and sundry of what the Diocese is. In a nutshell, a Diocese refers to all the Anglican Christians that are within the jurisdiction termed as such! Therefore, in the case of the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi, each Anglican Christian within its geographical boundaries, including me your Bishop, make the Diocese. If you reader are from this Diocese you, plus me and the rest of the other Christians herein, are the Anglican Diocese of Lake Malawi! Therefore, when we who are Christians within this Diocese talk of the Diocese being poor, disorganized, unaccountable, not transparent etc. we are talking about ourselves! That is sad but unfortunately true! The practical aspect of that fact is that all the areas that can be optimized within the Diocese are the responsibility of each one of us who belong to this Diocese. Much as the Bishop is entrusted with leading the Diocese, he is not the Diocese! Hence the status of any Diocese reflects the state of each Christians therein! This is food for meditation for all of us. Let me stop here for now.

Finally, may God bless all of you who had the time to read through this message. Let us all go and work in God’s vineyard and let us maximize this website by using it for our day to day communications regarding the work of God!