Section A:

Parish Information

  1. Parish Name: Kanengo


  1. Current Parish Priest and other Pastoral personnel (Assistant Priest, Catechist, Verger etc): Rev Fr Capt. Andrew Malenga, Catechists; Stencum Simkayika and Isaic Kamputa, Vergers; Alice Ng’ome and Patuma Sabuli. Volunteer Catechist; Mrs Chidothi. Layleaders attached to rural congregations; Mrs Rose Mtekateka-Mkoka outstation, Mr Mc Dad Thawani-Kalawa outstation, Mrs Oliga Makweti-Chalansa Outstation, Mrs Machili-Masula outstation.( Catechist Kamputa-Mngwangwa outstation and Catechist Chidothi-Kalang’oma outstation)
  2. Location – Physical address and directions (map): Kanengo parish is located in northern part of the capital city of Malawi; Lilongwe specifically in area 25 C.


  1. Number of service(s) and time : Two services ( English service 6:30am to 8:00am, Chichewa service : 8:30am to 11:00am)


  1. Number and name of sub-stations (if applicable): Kanengo Parish Has 7 outstations;
  1. St Augustine –Area25 sector 9
  2. Mkoka- in Mkoka Village.
  3. Kalang’oma in Kalang;oma village.
  4. Kalawa in Kalawa Village.
  5. Mngwangwa in Mngwangwa vg.
  6. Chalansa In Chalansa Village.
  7. Masula in Masula Village.


  1. Number of church members for the whole Parish
  2. Position and name of Parish  Executive  Committee members:
  1. Parish Wardens Steven; Chiutula and Justus Kishindo.
  2. Parish Secretaries; Walter Katunga and Esmie Chikuse.
  3. Parish treasurers; Ramosh Jia and Alice Chapulumuka.


  1. Major events happening in 2017
    1.  Rural mission week (one day outreach-Jesus Film, preaching and deliverance) in three rural outstations Kalang’oma,Masula and Chalansa.These were conducted on 13th march,5th may and 19th may 2017 respectively.
    2. St Augustine Mission week done on 13th to 20th August 2017.
    3. Parish major fundraising to procure a priest vehicle in which the church managed raising 4.6million MK.
    4. St Martin’s morning devotion mountain vigils.
    5. Mothers Union parish meetings
    6. St Agnes gatherings.
    1. Youth gatherings rallies and retreats.
    2. Sacraments of Baptisms, confirmation and weddings.


Section B:

Parish History

  1. When did it become a Parish?

The parish was started in the year 2001.


  1. Who was the first Parish Priest?

Late Rev Fr. Peter Liwonde.

  1. The Origins of its name (including quoted verses from the Bible if any)

Originated from sister parish of Birmingham but derived from Bishop Martin.

  1. Three major achievements since the Parish were established.
    1. By the year 2001 Kanengo Parish created
    2. By 1st January in the year 2012 Area 49 Parish created from Kanengo Parish.
    3. By 1st January in the year 2012 Dowa hills Parish created from Kanengo Parish;
    4. By the yea2000 St Martin’s Church building completed.
    5. By July in the year 2010 Priest vehicle bought.
    6. By the year 2008 Priest House built.
    7. By 4th may in the Year 2015 St Augustine Anglican Church created as an outstation of Kanengo Parish.
    8. By the year 2016 Band equipments procured, 200 plastic chairs bought, 5000liters water tank elected, and Sunday school shelter roofed.
    9. By the year 2017 a priest’s vehicle Nissan x-trail bought


    1. By the year 2017 St Augustine church building second phase completed.


Section C:

Parish Contact information

  1.  Full postal address

St Martin’s Anglican Church, Kanengo Parish, post office box 40380,Lilongwe 4, Malawi.

  1. Phone number(s)

+265 999 092 002, +265 884 478 673, Contact Rev Fr Capt Andrew Malenga.

+265 888 867 841, +265 999 867 841 Contact Steven Chiutula.

  1. Email address. ,


  1. Social media account(s)


Section D:

Parish Statements (optional) 

  1. Parish Mission statement +
  • Not more than 500 words
  1. Church theme
  2. Parish Slogan/motto (if any)
  3. Parish Values
  4. Attach Parish (church/building) picture
  5. Any other information deemed necessary by the Parishioners