St Mathews Parish - Area 49

Parish Information

  1. Parish Name

St Matthew’s A49 Anglican Parish

  1. Current Parish Priest and other Pastoral personnel (Assistant Priest, Catechist, Verger etc)

The Revd. Capt. Fr. Charles Makwenda, Mr. Maxwel Chimuvi, Mr. Golden Kamlaza Catechists, Verger: Mr. Wilson Mkonkha, Gardener: Mr. Noel Chingondo


  1. Location – Physical address and directions (map)

Situated in Area 49 Proper, as you go to A25 turn left at Shire stage, and then you reach four ways junction turn right as you are going northwards you will find us there. We are next to S.S Ndovie Church Hall of Living Waters Church.

  1. Number of service(s) and time

We have two Services both are in Vernacular. The First one starts at 6:00 where as the second one starts at 8:30 am

  1. Number and name of sub-stations (if applicable)

St Matthew’s Parish has six stations, the main station inclusive and these are St Augustine, St Lawrence, St Mark, St Peter, St Francis and St Matthew.

  1. Number of church members for the whole Parish

The Parish has 3,500 members

  1. Position and name of Parish Executive  Committee members

Warden: Mr. D. Mkoko and Mr. E. Kambeja, Secretaries: Mr. M. Kafumba vice Mrs M. Mtuta, Treasurer: Mr . P. Yunusu, vice: Miss M. Lwanda

  1. Major events happening in 2017

Section B:

Parish History

  1. The Origins of its name (including quoted verses from the Bible if any)

St Matthew’s Parish derives her name from one of the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, Levi who was formerly a tax collector (Mat.9.9)

  1. Three major achievements since the Parish was established.
  2. The building of a perimeter fence around the Parish Headquarters
  3. Purchase of Priest Motor Vehicle
  4. Purchase of Gulliver plot and a 10.5 hectares plot at St Francis


Section C:

Parish Contact information

  1. Full postal address

St Matthew’s A49 Anglican Parish, P.O. Box 2263, Lilongwe

  1. Phone number(s)


  1. Email address

  1. Social media account(s)


Section D:

Parish Statements (optional) 

  1. Parish Mission statement
  • Evangelizing the community with the Gospel of Christ through word, charity (works of love) and witness in obedience to the Great Commission (Mat.28: 19-20) by the provision of training and services aimed at empowering Christians and Society
  1. Church theme: “We should be one” Jn. 17:21



  1. Parish slogan “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phil.4:13
  2. Parish Values

Parish Core Values are as follows:

  • We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and that salvation comes thorough faith in Jesus Christ alone through His blood which He shed for us on the cross of Calvary
  • We believe in the uniqueness and supremacy of Jesus Christ and that the Bible is the true, inspired, infallible word of God.
  • We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to redeem and sanctify all people and to provide spiritual , emotional and physical healing
  • We believe in engaging in God’s mission and that we are instruments/tools in God’s hands to expand His Kingdom on earth
  1. Attach Parish (church/building) picture
  2. Any other information deemed necessary by the Parishioners

Section E:

Parish Priest Information

  1. Attach Updated Parish Priest profile

Name:               Rev. Capt. C. Makwenda

D.O.B :             24th June, 1973

Marital Status: Married with 3 children

Education Qualification

  • MSCE, obtained at Salima Secondary School
  • Diploma in Urban Mission obtained at St Pauls University, Nairobi Kenya
  • Bachelor of Divinity obtained at Zomba Theological College accredited by the university of Malawi
  • Currently im a country Treasurer of Church Army Malawi,
  • Acting Diocesan Evangelism Coordinator for ADLM